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We Specialize in Large Scale Bird Control for Your Commercial or Industrial Facility.


We are the company that all birds hate. Only the highest level of quality goes into every one of our projects. Our technicians are trained to pay close attention to detail. We are the bird control installers you need when a project is highly technical and hard to reach.


Landmark Bird Control can provide you with effective commercial bird control solutions. We’ll start with a comprehensive inspection of your property to learn how pest birds are interfering with your facility. We’ll find out where they are feeding, watering, roosting and nesting. Then, we’ll devise a long-term plan to get rid of your bird pest issue for good. We have 17-plus years of experience with industrial bird control. Whatever problem you may have, our team can handle it effectively and quickly. We even specialize in projects that are hard to reach, such as underneath viaducts and overpasses.

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    Bird infestation can harm your business in numerous ways. For example, bird droppings are highly caustic and can eat away at materials such as marble, stone, metal and more. If left untreated, this can impact the structural integrity of your facility and repairs may be needed. Moreover, bird droppings are unsightly and can transmit diseases. While most damages occur from droppings, bird nests can also block pipes, vents and electrical equipment, which can lead to blockages and fires throughout your building.


    Fortunately, Landmark Bird Control offers various remediation projects to deter pest birds from your facility. This can help save your business money in the long run. Our solutions can also reduce hazards, eliminate the nuisance factor and promote cleanliness for health and aesthetic purposes. Our bird control specialists can install netting, shock systems, spikes, audio systems and more in your facility. These are all designed to transform your building into a bird-proof stronghold. Additionally, we know exactly where to install certain equipment to make our solutions even more effective for you.


    Our technicians pay close attention to every detail and know the ins and outs of bird control. Whatever pest bird issue you may have, we can customize a safe and secure bird control plan that can address it.

    “Thanks to you and your wonderful team, you were able to advise us on a permanent solution to humanely get rid of the vultures. They no longer chose to squat on our roof line after the installation of your product. We have not had any issues in over a year! I highly recommend your company, not only for your excellent service and product, but for your professional treatment and understanding of our situation.”

    – Andrea S.