Bird Netting

Landmark Bird Control is a nationwide bird proofing company specializing in commercial bird netting installations. Bird Netting is a cost effective, sensible, strong, long‐lasting bird control solution for commercial and industrial projects.  Learn more…

Design Build

LBC will perform a site visit and review all plans, drawings and specifications to professionally customize a bird control plan that specifically addresses all of your invasive bird issues.  Learn more…

Bird Management

The perfect service if you have birds in your stadium, retail store or warehouse! Are birds congregating in large numbers near or around your commercial space?  Learn more…

About Us

We are a professional bird control product installation company. We specialize in installing large scale commercial bird netting and bird proofing.

Our installation quality is second to none. Only the highest level of quality goes into every one of our projects. Our technicians are trained to pay close attention to detail. We are the specialty trade company that is subcontracted when a project is highly technical and hard to reach.

Landmark Bird Control’s Certifications, Memberships and Licensing

We use the leading manufacturer and supplier for our bird control products. We are authorized and certified by Bird-X to install all bird control systems.

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