Bird Control Solutions

The term bird control is best explained when various systems are used in conjunction with each other, to effectively protect your facility or structure. If you have a pest bird issue, Landmark Bird Control can install various bird control systems to help bird-proof your commercial or industrial facility. These solutions are effective, safe and provide a good return on investment. We also offer deterrence, removal and clean-up services.

There are many systems in the tool box of a well prepared installer. Landmark Bird Control offers a variety of bird control solutions, including:


Pest birds can be a nuisance to industrial and commercial facilities. This is because they may disturb the peace of your operations and interfere with your customers. Moreover, their droppings can carry pathogens that could cause diseases, which can be transmitted to humans. Droppings are also highly caustic and can cause property damage. Moreover, they can cause slippery surfaces, which put employees at risk for potential slip and fall accidents. Common pest birds include seagulls, house sparrows, pigeons and starlings.

Fortunately, Landmark Bird Control offers bird pest control services to help deter them from your building. We can handle jobs at various types of buildings, including power plants, military bases, stadiums, university campuses and industrial warehouses. We even specialize in projects in places that are hard to reach, such as underneath viaducts. Depending on your pest issue and type of building, we can combine different bird deterrent systems to provide you with effective protection.

When you hire us for bird control services, we’ll perform an inspection of your property and learn where the pest birds are roosting, feeding, watering and nesting. Then, we’ll provide you with a customized bird control plan. Our technicians are trained to pay close attention to every detail in a project. With 17-plus years of experience in the industry, rest assured we can handle your pest bird issue effectively and quickly. We strive to provide the highest level of quality for our customers.

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