Bird Shock Systems

A harmless low voltage shock to train birds to stay away.

Bird Shock Systems is a low profile system that delivers a low voltage shock to birds that land on its surface. The shock will not harm the birds, it trains or conditions pest birds to stay away from your facility or structure.

Shock tracks are effective for all bird species including pigeons, sparrows, seagulls & starlings.

Shock track is recommended for use in non- nesting areas. Smooth design reduces dirt traps. Protective, conductive polymer film protects copper strip. A tri-material extruded track is robust and UV-stable. Reduced resistance for greater coverage – only 0.01 ohms! Reduced arcing risk – no stitching, fewer shorts – less maintenance. Snap connectors and long rolls for faster installation. Flatter-base design means less glue to apply. Greatly reduced risk of shorting through a substrate; no stitching! The weather-resistant design makes care and maintenance easy.  Electric Shock Systems can be powered by 110v plug-in chargers or solar energizers.

Bird Shock Systems work great on ledges, rooflines, signs, and almost any flat or curved surface.

If you need to remove birds from unwanted areas, please call us today!