Electric Shock Systems

Shock Systems is a low profile system that delivers a low voltage shock to birds that land on its surface. The shock system is a great way to train or condition pest birds to stay away from your facility or structure. Shock track is recommended for use in non- nesting areas. Smooth design reduces dirt traps. Protective, conductive polymer film protects copper strip. A tri-material extruded track is robust and UV-stable. Reduced resistance for greater coverage – only 0.01 ohms! Reduced arcing risk – no stitching, fewer shorts – less maintenance. Snap connectors and long rolls for faster installation. Flatter-base design means less glue to apply. Greatly reduced risk of shorting through substrate; no stitching! Weather-resistant design makes care and maintenance easy.  Electric Shock Systems can be powered by 110v plug-in chargers or solar energizers.