Live Capture Bird Removal

Mist Netting

Live capture bird removal from your commercial space, Wholesale, Retail Store or Warehouse. Captured birds are removed from the location through a safe secure and humane process. Our company policy is to relocate invasive birds at least 10 miles from the facility as to eliminate re-infestation.

Mist nets were used by Japanese hunters for nearly 300 years for capturing birds. They were first introduced into use for ornithology in the United States of America by Oliver L. Austin in 1947.[2] Mist netting is a popular and important tool for monitoring species diversity, relative abundance, population size, and demography. There are two ways in which mist nets are primarily utilized: target netting of specific invasive species or individuals, and broadcast netting of all birds within a particular area. Targeted netting is typically used for scientific studies that examine a single species. Nets deployed in this manner often use a playback of a species’ song or call, or a model of that species placed near the net to lure the targeted individuals into the net.

All birds are removed humanly and no birds are harmed during the live capture bird removal process.