Bird Spike Installation

Bird Spikes are safe, non‐toxic, non‐harmful, humane and eco‐friendly.

When it comes to keeping pest birds off your building exterior, there aren’t many better options than anti-bird spikes. The goal is to make surfaces and building edges uncomfortable, uninviting and intimidating for pest birds, and bird deterrent spikes accomplish this. They’re low-profile, durable, weather resistant and provide long-term protection when installed properly. Identifying where pest birds commonly land, roost and do their business is essential when determining the most effective solution for your commercial property.

Bird spikes for the roof are a common method of bird control for pigeons, seagulls or any other species of larger birds.

Benefits of Bird Deterrent Spikes

Commercial bird spikes are one of the most effective ways to prevent pest birds from roosting, perching and interfering with your industrial or commercial property. Moreover, they’re effective in reducing bird pressure from non-nesting areas. Spikes for bird control are commonly used to deter pest birds from roofs, parapet caps, roof edges, signs, fences, conduits and more.

Custom Specs & Features

Bird spikes:

  • Come in various sizes to accommodate your specific needs
  • Consist of a clear, UV-resistant polycarbonate base
  • Have protruding stainless steel needles that do not rust or deteriorate
  • Are environmentally safe and non-lethal — blunt tips prevent injuries to birds and maintenance workers who aren’t aware of them
  • Also come with a stainless-steel base, if required

The technicians at Landmark Bird Control are NWCOA certified with more than 17 years of experience under their belts. This is no pest bird issue we can’t handle and will recommend only the necessary solutions for your property. When you hire us for bird spike installation, you can rest easy knowing that our work pays for itself in the long run, saving you money on cleanings, repairs and maintenance. Get started with our bird spike installation service today!