James Watanabe

“I had the opportunity to collaborate with Landmark Bird Control on a project within the Federal Government space located at the McGuire Airforce Base in New Jersey. From beginning to end, the team was professional, prompt, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. They took the time to ask good questions in order to understand the true needs of our client. They likewise worked well with the other contracting team members. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Landmark Bird Control again as I know that the job would be performed with precision, at the highest levels of technical expertise, and completed in a timely manner with very little stress. I would likewise recommend the group to anyone needing these services.”James Watanabe VP Watanabe Enterprises

James Watanabe
VP Sales and Marketing
Watanabe Enterprises
W:  801.696.7383

Andrea Smith

“I just wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and the owners of Mt Fuji Japanese Steak house for the amazing job you did installing the shock strips on our roof. As you know, we are an authentic Japanese Steak House and Catering Hall located on top of a mountain. Due to our location, we had an issue with turkey vultures that loved to sit on the ridge of the roof. Instead of customers focusing on the beautiful architecture and design of our establishment, they would notice the vultures sitting and flying around our roof top. I understand the nature of these birds and why they chose our location; however it was disrupting our business and upsetting to look at on a daily basis. Thanks to you and your wonderful team, you were able to advise us on a permanent solution to humanely get rid of the vultures. They no longer chose to squat on our roof line after the installation of your product. We have not had any issues in over a year! I highly recommend your company, not only for your excellent service and product, but for your professional treatment and understanding of our situation. I would like to comment on how kind and sympathetic you were to our problem as well as your efficient and extremely quick resolve of the situation. I want everyone out there to know you are truly an honorable, trust worthy businessman and someone I highly respect! Thank you for your amazing work, your professional etiquette and your elegant approach to myself and the owners of our beautiful and unique facility.”Andrea Smith Office Manager, Property Manager

Mt Fuji Japanese Steak House
296 Old Route #17
Hillburn, NY 10931
(845) 357-4270